Drug charges filed after recent massive sweep in Indiana

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Drug Charges |

New developments continue to occur regarding a massive drug raid that took place last month in Indiana. As previously reported, this operation was considered one of the largest methamphetamine busts in the entire state. Drug charges have now been filed against four people who were arrested during that investigation.

Numerous officers had apparently served a search warrant at a Ligonier residence. At the time, several law enforcement agencies were acting in a combined effort. The situation resulted in the reported seizure of substantial amounts of drugs, firearms and cash.

Authorities say the officers took custody of at least $75,000 during the raid. They also claim to have found 60 firearms, in excess of 100 pounds of marijuana and approximately 20 grams of crystal methamphetamine. Ages of the four persons charged range from 19 to 47.

When the drug raid went down at the Indiana home, there were two minors on the premises. The state’s Department of Child Services has custody of both children at this time. Facing drug charges of this magnitude is obviously a serious matter. Situations like this often affect far more than those actually charged with drug crimes, such as spouses, parents and/or young children; it is logical to assume that a defendant would want to exhaust all available options toward building as strong a defense as possible. Defendants in such circumstances likely increase their chances of obtaining positive results in court by retaining the help of skilled attorneys who know how to prepare and present an effective defense in court with the focus on achieving the best possible outcome.

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