Drug charges topic of the day in Northwest Indiana

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2016 | Drug Charges |

Over the past year, investigators in Indiana have been working on a particular case in combined efforts with various other drug task force and law enforcement partners. Recent developments include drug charges against large numbers of people. A press release was reportedly issued, providing details regarding the situation.

At least 30 people have reportedly had warrants issued for their arrests. Authorities believe these individuals are connected with illegal drug activities. Investigators claim they are part of major heroin and cocaine distribution circuits in the northwest part of the state.

Officials say there have been epidemic amounts of deaths caused by heroin overdoses in the Lake County region, as well as throughout the nation. Many of those charged in the recent drug operation are believed to be involved in possession and sales of the often deadly drug. The recent arrest warrants are part of the larger investigation and drug sweep that has been ongoing over the past year.

Being taken into custody to face drug charges in Indiana can be a very frightening experience. A person’s very freedom may be at stake if a conviction is handed down in court. Regardless of how serious a particular situation might be, however, any person charged with a drug crime is able to present as strong a defense as possible to fight the charges and (possibly) avoid conviction. Since the average person may not have the skill and experience necessary to go up against tenacious prosecutors in court, it is often best to secure assistance by contacting a criminal defense attorney to act on one’s behalf.

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