700 officers conduct raid in Indiana: many drug charges filed

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2016 | Drug Charges |

In a massive sweep through central Indiana, approximately 700 officers from a number of government agencies conducted a special drug task force operation that resulted in more than 40 arrests. Drug charges have been filed against more than half of those arrested. The raid apparently drew large numbers of drugs and guns seized during the incident. 

An initial investigation began in February 2016. On a recent Thursday, warrants were served. Many of those arrested are now facing federal drug charges for conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

Police say 12 suspects remain at large. Nearly 100 firearms are now in police custody, as well as drugs amounting to a street value of approximately $400,000. Two brothers are accused of being the ring leaders in a drug cartel that detectives say was bringing methamphetamine and other hard drugs into Indianapolis. Authorities claim the two men were distributing drugs to other people for them to sell.

There are several things a person facing serious drug charges in Indiana can do to begin building a strong defense. A first logical step is to consult with a criminal attorney who has experience defending clients at the federal level. As an advocate, a defense attorney can scrutinize the process under which any search and seizure or arrest took place to determine whether any personal rights were violated. Federal prosecutors often use aggressive tactics in their quests to obtain convictions. An experienced defense lawyer knows how to combat such strategies to secure as positive an outcome as possible on behalf of a defendant.

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