Feds say raid led to drug charges in Indiana

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2016 | Drug Charges |

U.S. Marshals recently took three men into custody. Each is now facing serious drug charges related to the incident. Although the alleged drug bust occurred in Indiana, the supposed illicit activities of those involved are said to have ties in other regions as well.

A local pizza shop parking lot was the apparent scene of the huge drug deal federal agents say almost went down. Troopers in another state appear to have played an integral role in ensuring that the planned deal did not take place. Events began to unfold when a vehicle was pulled over for a traffic stop in another state.

Texas authorities say they found Mexican methamphetamine weighing approximately 22 pounds. Officers claim the motorist told them he had obtained the drugs from someone in California and was being paid to transport it and deliver it to another person in Indiana. The man is said to have agreed to be a cooperative witness, and troopers then allegedly prepped the drugs for a controlled delivery.

Just as the apparent drug deal was about to happen, agents moved in and made an arrest. In the end, three different men were issued drug charges of attempted possession with intention to distribute methamphetamine. Such charges are obviously quite serious, especially given the substantial amount of drugs allegedly involved. Presenting a strong defense against such charges in Indiana often hinges upon skilled, aggressive and experienced criminal representation. To retain such guidance, one may request a meeting with a criminal defense attorney of one’s choosing.

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