Criminal defense on tap for Indiana arson suspects

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Many small towns in Indiana are known for quaint buildings, charming people and mom-and-pop businesses. When crimes occur, they often catch people off guard, shattering the peace of small communities. Still, those who are accused of these felonies may need solid criminal defense to make sure their rights are protected.

Ten days after a blaze destroyed the contents of an Indiana town’s only hardware store, the fire chief announced that the fire had been intentionally set. The chief admitted that solving arson cases is difficult, and he worked with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security during his investigation. When a citizen apparently came forth with information about the case, an arrest was made. Two men were taken into custody and charged with seven felonies. One of the men was an employee of the store.

The men are said to have confessed to burglarizing the hardware store, then returning to set the fire. Authorities say that some of the stolen items were recovered after the arrests. While the structure of the store remains standing, none of the merchandise could be saved. The loss to the store’s owner may be over $1 million. Both of the accused men are facing up to 50 years in prison if they are convicted ot the crimes charged.

In small Indiana towns where loyalties are strong, citizens may allow their emotions to get the better of them when it appears that a crime such as arson occurs. As devastating as an event like this is, the men who are charged with these crimes still have rights which must be protected. People facing multiple felony charges are wise to seek a dedicated attorney to develop a solid criminal defense strategy. Doing this as soon as possible after an arrest may increase a person’s chances of the best possible outcome.

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