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June 2016 Archives

Indiana man facing serious drug charges

Law enforcement agents continue to conduct searches and seizures, and make arrests in connection with alleged drug crimes throughout the state. Apparently, Indiana high schools and college campuses are among recent locations where supposed illegal drug activities have taken place. One young man now faces serious drug charges after a police bust that resulted in his arrest.

Facing drug charges in Indiana

Being accused of a drug-related crime in Indiana can be very damaging to a person's reputation. Drug charges often lead to time behind bars when convictions are handed down in court. Building a strong defense is often key to avoiding incarceration.

Roadside DUI tests are designed to be failed

When police stop a motorist to investigate whether he or she is driving drunk, the officer's primary objective is to collect evidence that will validate a DUI arrest. A roadside field sobriety test is one of the main methods that police use to determine whether an arrest is warranted.

Criminal defense on tap for Indiana arson suspects

Many small towns in Indiana are known for quaint buildings, charming people and mom-and-pop businesses. When crimes occur, they often catch people off guard, shattering the peace of small communities. Still, those who are accused of these felonies may need solid criminal defense to make sure their rights are protected.

Vehicle inspection leads to drug charges in Indiana

One type of event often leads to another when it comes to traffic stops or commercial vehicle inspections in Indiana. On a recent Thursday, an incident took place that resulted in drug charges against three persons. They were occupants in a commercial vehicle that was undergoing a routine inspection when officers became suspicious.

Where to find criminal defense help in Indiana

Property owners are obligated by certain laws and regulations that pertain to the safety of a premises or other types of business management. When an incident occurs where a person has suffered injury, a property manager may be faced with legal challenges. Criminal defense help can be sought in Indiana by contacting an attorney experienced in third party liability situations.

When is a criminal defense attorney necessary?

There are a lot of things that a person in Indiana can be charged with. At one end of the spectrum might be something as seemingly innocuous as a citation for a traffic violation. On the other end would be a capital offense charge that could result in a sentence of death.

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