Pre-Charging Investigations

Have you been contacted by the police or law enforcement informing you of an ongoing or pending investigation into the commission of a crime? If so, contact Todd L. Sallee immediately. You have rights against self-incrimination and you are not required to give an interview or statement to the police.

Todd L. Sallee has worked on several pre-charging investigations, ranging from DUI causing death to rape or child molest allegations, to fraud and forgery. Exercising your rights can be critical at the earliest of stages in an investigation. Law Enforcement will often trick you into giving a statement or confession when you have no obligation to cooperate. Exercising your right to an attorney and not to incriminate yourself cannot be used against you, therefore contacting an experienced investigative attorney, such as Todd L. Sallee can put you on the offensive and protect the rights you have.

Attorney Todd L. Sallee uses experienced private investigators to attack the credibility of witnesses that law enforcement may be using against you, Our firm retains forensic analysts to investigate exculpatory evidence such as phone messages, DNA testing, blood testing, accident reconstruction, surveillance, and private polygraph examiners to help exonerate you from false claims.

Should charges be filed against you, Todd L. Sallee works closely with the prosecution to turn you in on any warrants without causing a scene at your place of employment, or in front of children at home. Contacting and retaining an experience attorney is imperative to protecting your rights. Do not hesitate to contact Todd L. Sallee to fight for you at the onset of an investigation.